Say Goodbye To Pickleball Noise!

The #1 Rated Noise-Reducing Fence in the USA. This NASA-engineered fence will reduce your pickleball's court noise by 50%. It is widely used by pickleball communities in USA. Click the link below to request a quote.

Acoustifence Noise Solution

Over 50% Noise Reduction with AcoustiFence

The Noise-Reducing Solution Preferred by Over 2,500 Public Pickleball Courts, Offering a 50% Reduction in Noise Levels.

What our clients say

Read what our clients have to say about the services we provide.

A Real Game-changer!

“As a pickleball facility owner, noise was a problem during peak hours. Acoustifence changed the game! Reduced noise, pleased players and neighbors. Durable and blends well with our court. Highly recommended!”

Kathy W.

San Diego, CA

No more noise complaints!

“As a pickleball enthusiast, I wanted quiet play. AcoustiFence was perfect and you can tell that it's noticeably quieter. Now, no worries about noise complaints, day or night!

Sophie E.

Rancho Santa fe, CA

I am truly amazed by it

“Next to a pickleball court, it was noisy until Acoustifence. Amazed by its effectiveness at dampening sound. Now, I relax in my backyard without pickleball interruptions. Thanks, Acoustifence!”

Matt C.

Carlsbad, CA

A must-have!

“I just had Acoustifence installed around my pickleball court, thrilled with results. Reduces noise, enhances playing experience, a must-have for any court owner!

Stephanie M.

Long Beach, CA

The Sound Of Silence

“Our community invested in Acoustifence for pickleball noise. Fantastic addition! Reduced noise, improved quality of life, and a win-win for all!”

Timothy C.

Encinitas, CA

A relief for my neighbors

“My kids love pickleball, and we live near a court. Worried about noise, but Acoustifence made a big difference. Reduced noise, happy kids, and relieved neighbors.”

Kimberly M.

Poway, CA

Less Distractions, more fun!

“Regular pickleball player here. Acoustifence reduced noise, improved focus, and made matches more enjoyable. Highly recommend it to fellow pickleball enthusiasts!”

Jericho M.

San Diego, CA

100% recommend!

“After Acoustifence installation, our backyard is now a peaceful retreat. The noise reduction is incredible, allowing us to enjoy our outdoor space without disruptions. It's transformed our living experience!”

Eric W.

San Diego, CA
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